Sodium Valproate Claims

Sodium Valproate (or Epilim) is an anti-convulsant prescribed to patients suffering from seizures.

It is not the only anti-convulsant that can be prescribed and it is certainly not a drug to be given to a patient who may be pregnant or trying for a family.

Sadly one of David’s clients is able to speak from personal experience when she was admitted to hospital following a seizure and despite telling the A & E Doctor that she and her husband were trying for a baby, a pregnancy test was not carried out until after she was prescribed Sodium Valproate to control her fits. As a consequence the happy news given to the client some weeks later that she was pregnant was quickly diluted by the realisation that her baby had Sodium Valproate Syndrome.

This condition left her daughter with some very distinct physical characteristics and learning difficulties. With the help of expert evidence from Paediatric Neurologists the family was able to make a claim for compensation.

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