Divorce really can break your heart

Divorce really can break your heart

A new study published in America has found that divorce is a significant risk factor for heart attacks.

An analysis of more than 15,000 people by researchers at Duke University showed that women are at a greater risk of heart attack after the stress of a divorce – even if they remarry. Men, on the other hand, are susceptible to increased heart problems only after two or more divorces, and the risk is eliminated if they remarry.

The difficulty with research such as this is knowing what to do with the information. If you are contemplating divorce or separation, you are unlikely to be any healthier – emotionally or physically – by staying in an unhappy marriage.

This latest study serves to confirm that, for many, going through a divorce can be like – or worse than – suffering a bereavement with all the attendant emotions of loss, grief, anger, depression, stress and anxiety.

Between us, here in the BLB Family team, we have met and assisted many hundreds of people going through marital breakdown over the years; we understand that our clients often come to us at a very low point in their lives and advice must be delivered with clarity and sensitivity. It is essential that your lawyer appreciates the emotional strain of divorce and is able to give signposting information if necessary. Often legal advice will need to be given alongside family therapy, counselling or family mediation.

If you are considering divorce or separation and would like to know your options, please contact Sarah Jackson, Head of Family Law at BLB Solicitors in Bath, Bradford on Avon and Bristol, on 01225 462871.


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