Richard Lowes

For over 20 years, Richard has developed an enviable reputation as a litigator, which sees him recommended regularly by barristers and other solicitors to their own family and friends. Last year alone he settled claims totalling over £4.2 million.

Whilst he has extensive experience in dealing with accidents that have caused severe injuries and fatalities, he is known nationally for his interest and expertise in representing clients suffering with debilitating chronic pain conditions, including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) , Fibromyalgia (FM), Neuropathic Pain and Somatoform Disorder. This sees him regularly attending and speaking at national conferences on the subject of chronic pain in litigation. Indeed Richard was one of the first solicitors in the country to specialise in this highly complex area.

Richard says, " in recent years our team have developed a reputation nationally as leaders in the field of chronic pain. Indeed, as a result of that reputation, our clients come from every corner of the country. Despite that, we like to meet and get to know each client.

Forming a close professional relationship is highly beneficial for both us and our client. It enables us to really understand the current impact of our client's condition on their daily life and how it may impact upon them in the future, particularly with regard to fundamental issues such as employment, daily care and ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. From our client's point of view, that close relationship helps them to build trust and confidence in us, particularly if they have been failed by their former solicitors.

Clients tell us that as soon as they speak to us they notice an immediate difference".

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