Bruce Dyer

Bruce Dyer
Personal Injury
Bruce has over 25 years experience in personal injury litigation. He acts in a broad range of cases, but has a special interest in cases involving chronic pain conditions including CRPS, Neuropathic Pain, Fibromyalgia and Somataform Disorder. Such claims require a forensic eye for detail as well as a thorough knowledge of the medical issues involved, particularly with regard to causation and treatment.

Clients praise his approachability and the care and concern he shows them. One commented "he was always available for me. I genuinely felt I was his only client".

Bruce says, "anyone who has lost faith in their lawyer is bound to approach us with at least a degree of scepticism and so it is important for us to earn that persons's trust and confidence.

What I find particularly satisfying about my work is having the opportunity to turn claims around when people have been let down, often badly, by their former representatives. This inevitably involves a significant amount of work to ensure that the evidence accurately reflects the true consequences for the client, which are often devastating and life changing. We really can make a substantial difference to a claim, both in terms of financial value and quality of service".

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