Andrew Atkinson

Andrew Atkinson
Personal Injury
Associate Solicitor
Andrew has worked in personal injury litigation for 10 years and has extensive knowledge and experience of the workings of a claim from both a Claimant and Defendant perspective. He joined BLB Solicitors as a result of his particular interest in claims involving clients suffering from chronic pain conditions, including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Fybromyalgia (FM), and Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS).

Andrew says, "I enjoy working closely with medical specialists, particularly within the field of pain medicine, rheumatology, psychiatry and neurology in order to gain the best possible understanding of a client's condition and the limitations it imposes upon them.

Our primary aim here at BLB is to obtain the best possible treatment and rehabilitation for clients who have often had little if any medical intervention. Many of the best forms of treatment are either extremely difficult to source from the NHS or are very expensive in the private sector. An important part of my job is therefore seeking funding for treatment from the other party's insurance company. That is where my past experience as a Defendant lawyer can prove invaluable.

At BLB the number of clients that each of us act for is kept low. This enables us to dedicate quality time to each of our clients to ensure that each receives the highest possible standard of representation".

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