Right To Manage (RTM)

In many cases, the flat owners in the block of flats have a right to take control of the management of their block, if they form a majority group and exercise the Right To Manage (RTM). This can provide an effective solution to concerns over high service charges, insurance costs or poor management of the building/estate.

However RTM is not available in every case. There is a statutory process which must be followed correctly, and we at BLB have experience in having made several successful RTM claims on behalf of groups of flat owners. We can also advise whether RTM is right for you.

Exercising the Right to Manage is a technical procedure with traps for the unwary. By choosing BLB you will:

  • use experienced lawyers who will ensure you avoid the pitfalls;
  • maximise your chances of your claim being concluded swiftly;
  • be kept informed throughout the process.

What will it cost?

No RTM claim is the same because buildings/blocks of flats vary greatly. You may be acquiring the Right to Manage the building alone, or there may be external grounds you want to include – or exclude. It is not possible to predict how your landlord/freeholder will approach the claim, which can affect the amount of work involved and therefore your costs.

Through our transparent pricing you will know from the outset what the likely costs will be, with costs projections should there be unforeseen complications.

In addition your landlord is entitled to be paid certain costs of responding to the process and we will guide you through this at an early stage.

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