Breach of Lease Actions

Most leases contain lists of obligations, known as covenants. These range from restricting or forbidding certain activities, (e.g not to alter the property, assign,  or use it for holiday lets) , to those requiring positive steps to be taken (e.g to pay rent/service charges).

For the building containing the leased property to be managed well, all lesees need to comply with their lease terms.  Whether you are a commercial tenant,  a leasehold flat owner, a landlord or a management company, it is essential that any disputes are resolved quickly if possible.

Where a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, BLB have the expertise to represent you in an action in the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) or the civil courts.

We will also advise you where you stand in terms of costs including the ability for the landlord to recover costs from the tenant under the terms of the lease, or alternatively by an order of the relevant tribunal or court.

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