Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson
Sarah heads BLB's Family Team and has over over 16 years experience as a specialist family and matrimonial lawyer.

Her expertise lies in advising on divorce settlements, unmarried couple disputes and pre-and post-nuptial agreements - from cases where there are very modest assets to those involving complex assets such as multiple properties, pensions and businesses.

She understands that relationship breakdown is frequently a stressful and difficult time and is able to advise on complex issues with clarity and sensitivity.

Sarah is a member of the Law Society's Family Law and Advanced Family Law accreditation schemes with particular specialisms in Matrimonial Finance and Cohabitation. She is also a Resolution-trained Mediator and offers family mediation as an alternative to a traditional solicitor-led approach for resolving issues on relationship breakdown.

Sarah's case history includes:

Successfully assisting those facing divorce - from those of modest means through to lottery winners - to achieve a fair division of their finances , whether through negotiation or, if necessary, court proceedings
Drafting and advising on pre- and post-nuptial agreements - including cases with an international element (assets abroad and /or where one spouse is a foreign national)
Advising on pension sharing and off-setting and, in cases involving substantial and /or complex pension arrangements, how to obtain and interpret an actuary's pension report
Advising on recovering assets and self-help issues where assets have been, or might be dissipated post-separation
Sarah is based at our Bath office and visits clients at our Bradford on Avon office. By appointment only, she also sees clients at our Bristol City Centre office and at Aztec West in Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire.

"Sarah Jackson was understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable and guided me to reach the conclusion I sought with all the help and support I needed. " S.C April 2016

" I had great service from Sarah Jackson. Even if things didn't go slightly to plan, there was never any worries for me. I felt like she was thinking of my interests at all times. J.P April 2016

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