Locum Consultant Surgeon’s blunder

In this case Mr Gazzard acted to a 54 year old lady who was referred to a Consultant Surgeon by her GP.  At the time she was complaining of a modest change in bowel habit and a small lump near her back passage.  Following a normal colonoscopy a fibro-epithelial polyp was noted.  She was listed for surgery so that it could be removed.  On the day of her admission to hospital the client was allocated a different surgeon, a locum, who pursued a different surgical plan, resulting in more extensive surgery in the form of a haemorrhoidectomy.  This procedure was carried out without the client’s consent and left her with severe pain, considerable bleeding and temporary incontinence.  With the benefit of a report from an expert Colorectal Surgeon the claim was settled after the issue of court proceedings in the sum of £12,500.00.