Divorce – have you considered Collaborative Law?

Research shows that January is the most popular time for people to commence divorce proceedings. Whether it is the stress of the festive season proving too much, or simply a result of people delaying action over such an important family time, there is often a peak in the amount of divorce petitions filed at this time of year.

Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly has recently been in the press encouraging families to consider mediation as an alternative to going to court. Following the implementation of the Family Procedure Rules in April 2011, anyone making an application to Court regarding matrimonial finances must first consider mediation. There is no doubt that, in the right circumstances, mediation can be an incredibly useful tool for resolving matrimonial disputes.

However, there is another option for couples who wish to resolve matters without making an application to Court. Collaborative law is a method of resolving the dispute in a constructive and less adversarial way. It gives the couple control over the process and enables them to reach a solution, with the assistance of their legal advisors and other professionals where appropriate, that is tailored to their needs and circumstances. It removes the destructive point-scoring that is often a feature of Court proceedings, and is incredibly successful in helping couples though the process in a way that improves communication and focuses on the important issues, especially where children are involved.

At BLB Solicitors we have two trained Collaborative lawyers, Angeli Dunkerley and Jo Morris . Please contact either one of them for more information about Collaborative Law or for a free initial appointment to discuss your circumstances further.