Pressure Sore Claims

Pressure sores can be very serious indeed. They often lead to infection and take a long time to heal.

In a recent case BLB acted for a young lady having her first baby in hospital. Prior to having an epidural her back was cleaned with Chlorhexidine solution which pooled in a dressing she was sat on. Unfortunately her position on the bed was not changed and the dressing was left in situ for some considerable time. As a consequence her skin integrity was not checked and she was later discovered to have suffered significant burns to her buttocks.

These types of injurys often occur because a patient is left in bed for a prolonged period of time and not turned. They can also be caused when a plaster cast is fitted incorrectly following a fracture. Skin integrity is key and should be regularly reviewed. Indeed when a patient is admitted to hospital a formal Waterlow assessment should be made to establish whether there is any risk of a pressure sore developing. The risk is greater amongst the elderly, ill, immobile and those suffering from diabetes or circulatory problems.

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