Paramedic Negligence Compensation Claims

Notwithstanding the many lives paramedics save every year sometimes errors are made such as a misdiagnosis of a life threatening condition like a heart attack or stroke where time is of the essence.

Delay in responding to an emergency call out or administering the incorrect medical treatment or medication are other areas of concern. These errors are often the result of limited resources due to cost-cutting, lack of proper training or simply errors of judgement.

A recent case dealt with by David involved a gentleman who lacerated his arm whilst at work and suffered a serious bleed which required a tourniquet. Unfortunately the tourniquet was left in situ for too long instead of being released which caused lasting damage.

If you or a family member has been involved in a similar situation, we understand it can be a complicated process to find the right course of action to follow. As clinical negligence solicitors, it’s our job to make sure that the process is as straightforward as possible, so please do not hesitate do get in touch about your claim.

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