Hospital Negligence Claims

Many people find visiting a hospital, whether electively or as an emergency admission, a very daunting experience.

Generally the treatment provided is good but sometimes things can go wrong and mistakes are made.

BLB have recently dealt with a number of cases involving slips/trips on the ward which could have been avoided. Unfortunately the patients concerned all fractured their hips and required further unnecessary surgery.

Other common mistakes include failing to obtain a patient’s informed consent, failing to obtain a patient’s history, failing to carry out proper investigations, failing to provide the correct treatment or dispense appropriate medication, failing to operate or making errors during surgery. After receiving treatment or undergoing an operation many patients require special care and attention. Unfortunately however some patients are left unsupervised and suffer falls out of bed or when visiting the toilet.
The risk of falls should always be risk assessed and if they occur the consequences can be very serious.

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