Hospital Acquired Infections

Often referred to as “superbugs”, infections such as MRSA, MSSA and C Difficile are becoming an increasing problem in the NHS as more and more antibiotics are prescribed unnecessarily allowing the bugs to mutate and increase their resistance to conventional therapies.

Unfortunately the stereotypical picture of a hospital being a place where you can go when you are ill to get better is changing as more and more pressure is put on a grossly underfunded health service. Sadly therefore for some patients an admission to hospital can make things a lot worse if they take on an infection and struggle to fight it off whilst already being very ill. At BLB we can help you claim compensation if :

  • You were screened before admission and found to be free of MRSA, MSSA and C Difficile.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the infection was delayed.
  • The infection was not treated with the correct antibiotic.
  • It is proven that there was a lack of proper hygiene on the part of the staff (e.g failure to wash their hands), poor wound care or a failure to regularly check skin integrity.


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