Fatal Claims and Inquests

Whenever somebody you care about is admitted to hospital for treatment or placed in residential care it is not unreasonable to expect that they will be well looked after.

Unfortunately however that is not always the case and deaths do occur. In such circumstances questions are often asked by the family as to whether appropriate steps were taken to prevent injury or death and it may be possible to make a claim for compensation if neglect can be proven.

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the death, a Coroner’s inquest may be held to establish the facts and at BLB we have the necessary experience to ensure that the family are well represented at the inquest and that the right questions are asked.

Recently David Gazzard represented the family of a lady in her 90’s who was in residential care and suffered a serious fall which fractured her femur. Sadly this led to her admission to hospital and her death a few weeks later due to complications. David was able to obtain the relevant records, commission a report from a care expert and assist the family at the inquest.

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