Dental Negligence Claims

Going to the dentist can be a stressful situation for a number of people and while the majority of dental treatments cause no issues, errors can happen and can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

Typical dental errors include :

  • Poor root canal therapy
  • Failed implants
  • Substandard fillings and crowns
  • Extraction of the wrong teeth

Cosmetically many people seek to improve their appearance by having their teeth bleached or by paying for porcelain veneers. Whilst many dentists offer care of a good standard some sadly do not and as a result patients are left with unnecessary pain and discomfort.

In a recent case BLB acted for a lady who elected to have two of her teeth removed but due to a lack of continuity of care the wrong teeth were extracted. As a consequence she was put to a lot of unnecessary expense seeking remedial treatment elsewhere.

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