Defective Medical Products Claims

Hip replacement surgery is very common in the UK and the majority of patients electing to undergo such procedures have excellent outcomes.

Sometimes just the hip joint is replaced with a prosthesis but on other occasions the socket is replaced as well (known as a total hip replacement or THR). Depending on when such surgery was carried some patients may have received a metal on metal prosthesis and some are now experiencing complications.

At present there are 2 Group Litigation Orders (GLO’s) in place; one relates to the DePuy Pinnacle MoM device and the other to the Zimmer Durom/Metasul device. In both cases it is alleged that the prostheses have failed and that toxic metal fragments have been produced and entered the patients’ bloodstream causing inflammation and permanent muscle damage.

BLB are experienced in dealing with these complex cases which by necessity involve a lot of scientific research and many experts.

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