Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Many people react to the modern pressures of life by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Others undergo treatment for medical reasons.

Some surgeons in the UK and abroad make unsatisfactory errors leading to further injury or disfiguring scars. Common types of surgery involve breast enlargement or reduction, facial treatment (including facelifts and chemical peels), rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), cosmetic dentistry, liposuction or tummy tucks and brow lifts.

In a recent case, David acted for a lady who underwent some facial chemical peels for acne scarring and as the result of an inadequate assessment of her skin type suffered hyper and hypo pigmentation. This affected her confidence and caused psychological trauma which in turn affected her ability to work.

These types cosmetic errors can be painful and impact your life and self esteem. If you have undergone a treatment that has resulted in a cosmetic error, get in touch today to discuss your concerns.

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