Agriculture & Rural Business

Farming is the cornerstone of our Nation’s economy.  Farmers and Landowners are facing greater challenges through regulatory changes and also the minefield of existing legislation dealing with farming tenancies, milk quotas and group environmental schemes.

In addition, the sale and purchase of a farm is a complicated process and it is important that the buyers and sellers have the necessary legal expertise available to deal efficiently and cost effectively with these transactions.

Here at BLB we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s business and personal needs providing advice and reassurance to navigate this process.

We specialise in farming tenancies, licences and selling developments of agriculture land and farms.

Our agriculture expertise includes the following:-

  • Sale and purchase of agriculture land.
  • Advertise and development of agriculture land.
  • Dealing with planning issues.
  • Advising on farming payments, milk quotas and group environmental schemes.
  • Dealing with development of renewable energies such as wind turbines and solar farms.
  • Advising on way leave agreements and telecommunication masts.
  • Acting in connection with agriculture holdings and farm business tenancies.
  • Acting in agriculture licences such as creating licences.
  • Advising and acting in the sale and purchase of agriculture businesses.
  • Contentious agriculture matters such as tenancy disputes, contractual disputes and land ownership and occupation disputes.
  • Environmental and regulatory disputes such as compliance issues.

Robert Walton is our Agriculture Specialist and is a Member of the Agriculture Law Association.  He is happy to help with any issues, questions or queries about your agriculture business or land.

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